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BIGmall is a stylish and modern shopping mall, strategically located on the bank of mahakam river, in the growing area of Samarinda. Integrated with the superblock Samarinda global city, which will be interconnected with hotel, apartement and office building. BIGmall designed with futuristic modern architecture concept, using a combination of modern architecture without leaving the local culture elements by giving optimal space for lifestyle and family entertainment. Shoppers will be enchanted to shop, where all the necessities and pleasures are here. There are local retailers, enterpreneurs, national tenants and anchor tenants, to meet the needs of shoppers community. You'll also find a culinary center, city walk, fitness center/gym, entertainment center, also departement center, also departement stores and hypermarket. Shopperswill find a variety selection in fashion, accessories, shoes, jewellery, timepieces, musics, videos, gifts, souvenirs, leather, books, pharmacies, electrical products, home decor, movie theaters, restaurants, cafes, and even an amusement centre. We provide an extra wide parking spaces, ATM centers, money changer, washrooms, prayer room and internet access.

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Phone: (0541) 274 888

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Phone: (0541) 274 888

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